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Was Du über den Public Value Award wissen solltest

Die Bewertung Deines Start-Ups aus einer gesellschaftlichen Perspektive kann Dir neue Wachstumspotenziale aufzeigen. Der Beitrag, den Dein Unternehmen zum Gemeinwohl leistet (Public Value) ist nicht nur für die Gesellschaft, Kunden oder Mitarbeiter wichtig, er ist zunehmend auch ein Entscheidungskriterium für Investoren.


Als Sieger bzw. Finalist wirst Du Teil unseres Netzwerks: Auf Wunsch vernetzen wir Dich mit Branchenexperten oder möglichen Kooperationspartnern. Außerdem geben wir wertvolle Tips und Anregungen zum Umgang mit Deinen Business-Herausforderungen.

  • My company hasn't been founded yet, but the idea is there: Can I still apply?"
    The company should already be in the start-up phase. Companies that make a contribution to the common good but are not yet generating sales can also apply.
  • What is the maximum age my start-up can be?
    We don't set an age limit here and we don't make any distinctions between whether the start-up is still in the seed phase or already in the expansion phase.
  • As a start-up, do I have to have a social focus?
    No. We look forward to applications from all industries and sectors. Social entrepreneurship is just one example.
  • Can I send additional information material so that the jury can get a better picture?"
    Yes. You have the option of loading and sending additional material within the application.
  • Do all applicants get feedback, regardless of whether the start-up has become a finalist or not?"
    Due to the large number of applications that reach us, individual feedback is unfortunately not possible.
  • What is the Public Value Scorecard (PVSC)?
    The Public Value Scorecard expands traditional valuation models to include aspects of basic human needs to create a holistic navigation aid. In the form of a spider's web, the PVSC graphically visualizes opportunities and risks. More explanations can be found here.
  • What if I don't contribute at all in a category?"
    That's no problem, apply anyway! It is unlikely that a start-up is equally strong in all dimensions.
  • My start-up is apparently only strong in one public value dimension: is it still worth applying?
    If you think that your start-up only scores in one dimension, we recommend taking a closer look in the other dimensions - or changing your perspective. Because how strong you rate your start-up in one dimension does not have to correspond to how others rate it.
  • Does my start-up have to have a high public value in order to be successful in competition?"
    The prize is awarded to the start-up with the highest public value. However, the assessment of the jury or the audience may differ from your own.
  • According to which criteria does the jury evaluate?
    The jury evaluates your start-up based on the Public Value Scorecard. The basis for their evaluation are the documents you have submitted, including your evaluation within the Public Value Scorecard of your application. If you make it to the final, your final pitch and the answers you can give to the questions that follow also count.
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