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Who is behind it?

More than 600 start-ups have applied for the Public Value Award since 2016. In 2021, the non-profit association Forum Gemeinwohl e.V. took over the sponsorship of the Public Value Award. In addition to the initiators, Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL) and EY, ZEISS, the City of Leipzig and Leipziger Foren have joined as additional partners. Together, they are gearing the Public Value Award towards the future and aim to promote the anchoring of public value thinking in young companies in German-speaking countries.

“There are good reasons for start-ups to think about their contribution to the bigger picture right from the start. This creates the mixture of courage and humility that is so important for the company's success. Common good is not an old-fashioned idea, but shows an attractive way to grow together in a meaningful way. The enormous response to the award shows how topical the topic is.”


- Prof. Dr. Timo Meynhardt, Leipzig School of Management (HHL)


"We want to give the start-ups a message that they should see themselves as part of society and make their decisions in the context of whether they are valuable to society."


— Markus T. Schweizer, EY


»The common good has many faces. Namely those of people who want to make our world greener or more democratic or more solidary or fairer. As the City of Leipzig, we want to use the award to honor entrepreneurs who have recognized the opportunity to weave common good into the DNA of their business model. And encourage them!«


— Clemens Schülke, Head of the Office for  Economic Development Leipzig

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Kathrin Kronberger


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